Arvind Leo Pereira

Arvind Leo Pereira
Please joins us in the rally 'End atrocities against Christians' in Bangalore on the 21st of Feb 2011 from St. Francis Xavier's grounds, Coles park at 4pm

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Am an extrovert man, who believes that I have an element of leadership in me, an optimistic person, flexible & broad minded. I watch English movies on TV, not really a movie goer actually, i enjoy indipop music. generally watch discovery, NGC (Nat Geo), history channel, BBC(British Broadcasting corp), Star World, Zee Café long as it is funny. Am a nature and art lover. Love dancing (free style), eating, swimming (I seldom do this nowadays) have sense of humor, like every poet i get philosophical. Used to be a Numismatist during my childhood. I hate video games (includes mobile phone games, TV and computer games).

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Few links for people who appreciate art in all its forms
Paintings, Sculpture, old ruins, temples, palaces, carvings, art based on wood etc...
A couple of Photographs of hindu temples, mosques, paintings and more


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