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Arvind Leo Pereira
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Thursday, January 22, 2009


I love history,

I have plasted a links of a couple of pages discussing the same, please feel free to add on

A Compendium of links
Hungarian, Slovenian,
Azerbaijan & Armenian talking Turkic till Bulgaria speaks Turkic and Macedonia speaks Albanian, so the link is complete. They traveled through the black sea,
above is the ancient roman empire map,

São Tomé and Príncipe see lang links
Actually, CH for Switzerland has a long tradition (postal service, carplates etc.) that predates domain names or the Internet. It standsfor Confoederatio Helvetica

Evolution of other religions
link above is total time pass
The shortest city name in the world is in Norway with one letter (A) pronounced like this "ou" in "ought" in Norway language called Nynorsk
Language spoken during 1 century AD, in palatine was Aramac, which was 70% Hebrew and 30% Arabic

History of Latin Americas (south America)
Linguist history
Indian history

Both international and Indian history
International history
Japaneses pre-history
General international history
Russian History
Canadian History

General time lines of European history
Palestine & Israeli/Jewish history

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